is an authorized airtime distributor for Telcel prepaid mobile phones

Founded in 1989 and based out of Mexico City, Telcel is the leading provider of mobile phone communication services in Mexico. Telcel is Mexico's largest mobile phone carrier owned by América Móvil. As of December 31, 2006, Telcel's mobile phone network spanned over more than 63% of Mexico's geographical area, including all major cities, and provided coverage for 90% of Mexico's population.

Telcel offers both postpaid and prepaid mobile phone services. With postpaid, customers are billed monthly for their previous month's talk time, and with prepaid billing, the customer pays in advance for a specific amount of airtime of their choosing. With today's economic hardships, prepaid plans are an ever-growing market as they do not require signing a contract or any type of fixed financial commitment; the customer is able to recharge the airtime for their mobile phone whenever they want, for the amount they choose.  

Telcel offers a variety of prepaid plans, all of which are free of activation and monthly charges. You can recharge airtime for any Telcel mobile phone for friends and family in Mexico now through It’s easy, it’s secure, and you can recharge anytime, anywhere. Our real-time recharges don't require PINs or refill cards, and your loved ones have immediate access to the airtime credit! Click here to recharge now.    

Telcel airtime recharge amounts through

  • $5 USD*
  • $10 USD*
  • $15 USD*
  • $20 USD*
  • $30 USD*
  • $50 USD*

*Exchange rates apply.